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Litas LLC

420095, Russia, Kazan, 9а Serov st.
Phone number
+7 (843) 5646551; +7 (843) 5573407
Fax number
+7 (843) 5607958
mail@litas.ru; Kd@litas.ru
About company
Over 20 years LITAS has been involved in defectoscopy and NDT. The basis team consists of the experts of Kazan Photographic Material Institute (former NIKFI), TASMA OJSC. In the USSR the institute was the primary center on development and manufacturing of radiographic (x-ray) film. Now we hold leading positions in the Russian radiographic market. We, as scientists, are always doubtful of plenty of foreign materials, devices and equipment in our industry. Therefore LITAS is always oriented on development and manufacturing of our domestic equipment and engineering tools at the best practice level. Already now we manufacture the considerable part of products for the industrial x- ray examination under the brand ‘ARGO engineering solution line‘, and we are aiming at the range and functional development. LITAS has its own design office, manufacturing and experimental sites, quality department , metrological department, supply department , sales and logistic department, and spacious warehouses. We hold the license in ionizing radiation sources (x-ray plants for defectoscopy ) and accreditation certificates in the field of ensuring the uniformity of measurements for instruments verification and calibration. LITAS is certified according to ISO 9001. The products we manufacture and distribute meet the optimal quality-price ratio. All our products have technical support and warranty package.
Litas; Litas-x-ray